Revamping Launchpad Translators

Hey, you! Yes you!

You are a translator, right?

Would you like to bring new life and new force to a wonderful (small) group of people?

Who are they, you ask? The Launchpad Translators Coordinators, of course!

To get a little bit more serious, this is one of those “help needed” kind of post. If you are a translator with some proven experience, either running (or being part of) an Ubuntu translation team, or one of the many other translation groups in Launchpad, you can help us. New life, new people, new forces and new ideas are always welcome! And probably needed…

What we do is not hard, nor is difficult, nor you need to be an astrophysicist, nor somebody who scored 677 at TOEFL: we deal with some “questions” (or is it “answers”? I never get it…) in Launchpad from people needing help set up a new translation team (we have documentation┬áto help us out too), we try to spread the word (and the world) about translatable software, help developers if they need to set up translation for their projects and to understand the different translation policies Launchpad offers. It is not a busy team, nor a demanding task.

If you are interested, hop by the Launchpad Translator team, join the mailing list, and express your interest!