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New Feature for Linaro Image Tools: Android Hwpack

29 Jan

Finally, after some delays, Linaro Image Tools now has support for Android hardware pack (or Android hwpack). What is an Android hwpack Let’s start with with clearing out the confusion the term “hwpack” has in this context. Generally speaking, for Linaro Image Tools an hwpack is a tar-ball that contains Debian packages, some configuration and metadata files, […]

Book Review: Think Like a Programmer

17 Jan

This is my first attempt at writing a book review, so bare with me if it is not the best around. And here the “usual” disclaimer: I received a free copy of “Think Like a Programmer” from NoStarch Press. The book: Think Like a Programmer an Itroduction to Creative Problem Solving As the titles goes, […]

Working from Home, Six Months Later

12 Jan

Almost six months ago I started working for Linaro, from home. It was the first time for me with a home-based job, and I’m enjoying every minutes of it. Before joining Linaro I did my fairly amount of researches on the Internet about how to organize your workday and also your life: try to do […]

Convert a bazaar repository into a git one

08 Jan

Yesterday, for a work task, I needed to convert a bazaar repository into a git one, to store code for other teams (that mostly use git) to work on. The bazaar repo was very simple actually, small history and it didn’t contain any merges. Read The Docs™ Or almost… The first thing I did was […]

Eternal Editor Search

04 Jan

Finding the perfect code editor In my eternal search for a no resource hungry (Python) code editor that can help you getting things done easily and quickly, I started using SublimeText at its 2.0 version (albeit not being an open source project). I never used Mac OS X TextMate, but some people described SublimeText as […]

Think Like a Programmer

01 Aug

Another quick post for a small promotion, always from the lovely No Starch Press. This time is the turn of the book “Think Like a Programmer“, by V. Anton Spraul. As for the previous promotion, you can get 40% off on the paper version, plus the DRM-free ebook versions. The promotion lasts one week, and […]

Multiple Boards and Bootloaders on a Single Hardware Pack

27 Jul

Multiple Boards and Bootloaders Finally, Linaro Image Tools has support for multiple boards and multiple bootloaders on single configuration file and hardware pack. Linaro Image Tools Linaro Image Tools is a set of command line utilities that help in the creation and installation of Linaro built operating system images so they can be run on […]

JavaMail Session to the Rescue

27 Apr

There might comes the time when you need to send emails to your users base within your Java application, deployed in Glassfish. So you start to code some simple Java mail classes, and you find yourself hardcoding host names, user names, passwords and all the other good sensible information in your code, that is open source. […]

Mobile Web & Internationalization

20 Mar

For my work, we are building the trending-trend for the mobile world: mobile web applications. Web applications, or whatever you prefer to call them, thought and optimized for being used through a mobile device. This is all great and cool, you can exploit your HTML5-CSS-JavaScript-fu, and you do not have to learn to program natively on the […]

Eclipse Tools

11 Mar

This is more a brain-dump kind of post for me, so I do not forget, every time I need to re-install Eclipse for whatever reasons, to install the plugins I need the most (and where to find them) or to tweak it a little bit. Since my daily work is more Java-based, the tools I […]