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Kindle 4 PC Under Linux

If you are trying to install or use Kindle for PC under Linux, I had a problem with the version of Wine shipped by default in Ubuntu 12.04 (that is Wine version 1.4).

After installing Wine PPA and upgrading to version 1.5, I had another problem, but this one is easily solvable: it is necessary ro rename or remove one file from the Wine installation directory. The file is:


and Kindle 4 PC will work in all its glory. Just saying it here since I found different results on the Internet, with different solutions, none of which were really working. Somebody is also reporting the necessity to have ttf-mscorefonts installed to have it work, I didn’t install them, or they have been installed by default.

Why using Kindle for PC? I’m trying to export books bought via the Kindle Store, but without the DRM. Looks like Calibre is able to do it, but I had no luck. There are plugins that should help you with that, but I still have errors while trying to import a DRMed book.

What should be necessary is a Kindle PID, not the serial number, that can be found out easily, plus your Kindle serial number. With both of them, nothing will change. I do not know if with the latest Kindle generation Amazon changed something in their encryption mechanism…

If anybody out there had more luck, fancy sharing your experience?

  • Linh Nguyen

    it works perfectly with me. Thanks a lot. U saved my day. 

  • Lucio Salinas

    Excellent! The trick works

  • Babu

    Success. Thank you for your excellent advice.

  • Gianpiero Addis

    You’re great!! Now it works for me too.

  • Xgfd

    In my case, Kindle for PC was needed when running the DRM removing plugin. I got the same error as yours without Kindle for PC, but the plugin worked once I installed it under wine. Hope this can help.

  • John Churchill

    Worked like a charm, thanks for great article.

  • Peter Liebetrau

    Thanks. Thumbs up!

  • ianni

    I suppose you already solved your problems with kindle.

    But just in case…

    • Milo Casagrande

      That’s exactly what I’m using. I have to check though if it works with the new AZW3 Amazon format.

  • Rayvn

    Thank you so much for this post. Removing the file worked like a charm :0)

  • Jorge M. Treviño

    Many thanks! Your method was the only one that solved my Ubuntu-Kindle gripes. You should post it at Wine HQ so it can be solved.

  • illy

    How can I access the C drive?

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