Kindle 4 PC Under Linux

If you are trying to install or use Kindle for PC under Linux, I had a problem with the version of Wine shipped by default in Ubuntu 12.04 (that is Wine version 1.4).

After installing Wine PPA and upgrading to version 1.5, I had another problem, but this one is easily solvable: it is necessary ro rename or remove one file from the Wine installation directory. The file is:


and Kindle 4 PC will work in all its glory. Just saying it here since I found different results on the Internet, with different solutions, none of which were really working. Somebody is also reporting the necessity to have ttf-mscorefonts installed to have it work, I didn’t install them, or they have been installed by default.

Why using Kindle for PC? I’m trying to export books bought via the Kindle Store, but without the DRM. Looks like Calibre is able to do it, but I had no luck. There are plugins that should help you with that, but I still have errors while trying to import a DRMed book.

What should be necessary is a Kindle PID, not the serial number, that can be found out easily, plus your Kindle serial number. With both of them, nothing will change. I do not know if with the latest Kindle generation Amazon changed something in their encryption mechanism…

If anybody out there had more luck, fancy sharing your experience?

Panoramix or half-Gpixel Panorama

Before heading to the UDS-Q me and my girlfriend went to Paris for a long weekend (since in 1yr that I live in France I had never visited it properly). We spent 4 fantastic days there, heading in and out from the Parisien metro and walking our way throught out the city, even in not so tourist places.

As usual, coming back home, I had like 5 GByte of pictures in my camera, and due to the few days before leaving for the USA, I hadn’t had the time to process them. Come back from the UDS, and here there is the Paris photostream.

One picture was still missing though, since it required a little bit of work, and yesterday night I eventually managed to “compose” it. Compose because it is a “small” panorama, made of 7 pictures, taken while sitting on the Seine banks close to Notre Dame. The view goes from Notre Dame on the left to the Hotel de Ville on the right, plus other buildings looking at the river. The original TIFF format of the panorama wheighs in at 2.6 GB of disk space, measuring 46366*14910 pixels, it takes like 5 minutes on my machine to open with Gimp, and it took me something like 4 hours of work: loading the 7 TIFF images with Hugin, processing it for the first time, manually adding as much matching-points as possible, waiting for the final result, and finally opening it up with Gimp to play with it in different ways (next time I will use imagemagick).

This is a small-size result:

Paris Panorama

A little bit bigger image can be found on my gallery.

I’m happy with the outcome, it’s the hugest panorama I have ever created. I think me and my girlfriend will print it out (not in the original size, ’cause it will be close to 7 meters!) and hang it somewhere around the house.


Report from UDS-Q Day 1

Here I am, writing from San Franciso, the first report for the (ongoing) day 1 of the Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) that will shape Ubuntu 12.10.

It all started in a very good way, flight was (almost) on time, Alessio was blocked for a couple of hours at immigration, Leo was stopped and had to open up all of his bags, but eventually we made it to the hotel safe and sound.

Oakland, on the other side of the San Francisco Bay, looks to be a nice city to hang around: there are small restaurants around the corner from our hotel, some local breweries, a board games shop just in from of us, a sunny and warm weather, everything that you need!

Already quite a lot of interesting stuff heard and discussed about: Mark and Calxeda showcasing the first Ubuntu ARM server, numbers of Ubuntu installation around the world, HP talking about its certification for 12.04, a lot of chats about juju and charms, and devop, Linaro… Looks like cloud is the big word around here (tomorrow there will be a cloud summit too).

Interesting week ahead.